Wur at Oastler Market in Bradford – a residency and collaboration

7th – 18th July 2014

collage table


‘Wur’ in Scots means two things: ‘we are’ and  ‘our’

What is the relationship between’ I’ and ‘we’?
Can creativity connect and empower us?

I’m interested (among other things) in ideas of identity,  community and exchange. From 7th – 18th July I will be resident at Oastler Market in Bradford, inviting market users to collaborate with me to explore these questions through creative play and conversation, in a collaborative period of research.

Wur will attempt to be an active laboratory for collective enquiry – a  common space for all to explore and share creativity, knowledge and experiences. Everything done there will be collectively owned by all who take part.
Over a fortnight I’ll  host a wide range of creative and social activities in  Wur space, including exploring stories and memories with personal and family photographs through collage and assemblage, making self-published zines, gift actions and conversations.

This is an open invitation to join me in  Wur space.  Drop in for as long or short a time as you like, each week day between 11am and 3pm; or if you have an idea for an activity or conversation you’d like to do or try out, get in touch with me at  Jeanmariemcewan@gmail.com.  Activities will change each day, and a diverse group of people coming in to play and contribute. All are welcome.

A zine documenting these activities will be produced and circulated freely to market users following the residency.

The idea for this residency grew out of ‘Wur blog’ ) a collective multi-author blog about gift, exchange and generosity which I set up in 2012.

To find out more about the ideas behind the project and to follow the residency as it develops, visit the the microblog at http://wuratoastlermarket.wordpress.com/

Grateful thanks to Bradford Metropolitan Council and Bradford Markets for supporting the project.


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