Call for contributions: International Womens Day Zine

Jean McEwan, collage on paper, 2014

Jean McEwan, collage on paper, 2014

I got really inspired today after reading about some of the amazing ways people are marking and celebrating International Womens Day (tomorrow, Sunday 8th March) from following the #IWD hashtag on Twitter. It occurred to me while I was reading these at work this afternoon that I should also do something to celebrate the day.
As I am an obsessive zinemaker, a zine seems the obvious choice, and being the serial collaborator I am, and always liking to play with other people, I thought it would be really good to invite other people to make it with me.
So this is me, asking you if you would like to contribute a page to a collective zine celebrating International Womens Day. I really like the idea of a bunch of people making a zine together on the same day but in different places.
It can be anything in response to IWD – words,images, or a combination of both. Contributions can be serious, funny, personal, political, whatever feels right to you. I’ll probably do a collage but you can do whatever you want. All humans are welcome to contribute. Everyone who contributes will receive a free copy of the zine. The zine will be in A5 portrait size, and photocopied in black in white, so the only rules are that your contributions fits onto one A5 sheet of paper and that you are happy that it will be in black and white. You cam make your contribution, whatever it is, by hand or via computer, and can either send it via email, to me at, or if you prefer, post it to me at 63 Nelson Street, Cross Roads, Keighley BD22 9EA.
Get your contributions to me by Friday 13th March, and I will put the zine together the following week. Let me know your address when you are sending me your contribution.
Thanks, and happy IWD everyone!


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