Mark E Smith Has Seen My Zine

The Mark E Smith Pocket Zine of Wisdom

I recently received this fantastic email from someone who bought my Mark E Smith zine a while back.


“Hi Jean,
You probably don’t remember me. We met at a zine fair in Wharf Chambers, Leeds, a couple of years ago (2012 I think, Possibly Footprint). I purchased This Is Water #3, which Incidentally I’ve since passed onto another zine enthusiast to share the ‘consciousness’.
Anyway I was listening to ‘The Totally Wired World Of the Fall’ this evening – a 60 minute mini-doc about MES (available on BBC iPlayer for just 3 more days as it happens), and remembered I picked up a copy of the ‘MES Pocked zine of wisdom’ from a friend of yours at a later Leeds fair (you were too ill to attend). Anyway, long story short, I tried to catch Mark after a Fall gig in Wakefield to say Hi (Long Division Festival 2013) but he was busy skulking around the dressing room / backstage area of Warehouse23. His bassist came out the side door, told me Mark wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon but took your (my) zine and a pen and disappeared inside. I was delighted when he returned several minutes later with a message scrawled inside in barely legible hand writing (as you’d imagine!) “all the best!! MARK e Smith”. It’ll stay with me as long as it holds together. Thanks for creating this artifact. Keep producing – It’s the only thing you’re there for.

I am absolutely delighted to learn that the man himself has held a copy of my wee homage to him in his own hands, and even signed it. This makes me very, very happy. Thank you Phil for getting in touch.

(If you would like your own copy of the Mark E Smith Pocket Zine of Wisdom, you can purchase it here for £1 plus postage. Maybe next time you see the man himself, you can get him to sign yours.)


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