Serious Fun: Transformations residency at University of Bradford Gallery ll

I’m half way through a two week residency at  the University of Bradford’s Gallery II, hosted by Art in Unusual Spaces to create work towards the  Transformations: North Parade After Dark event on Tuesday 8th September, part of the programme this year’s British Science Festival

My occupation of the space is the first of four artist residencies, which will become a game of consequences, where each resident leaves something in the space for the next to work from; creating a loose collaboration between us and showing the process of transformation from one idea and discipline to the next.

The artists following me are writer Javaad Alipoor; musicians Seth Bennett, George Murray and Aby Vulliamy; and dancer Chemaine Cooke.

I’ve been using my residency in the Gallery to play with making alterations to discarded, donated, found and purloined objects and imagery. So far these are taking the form of collage and assemblage pieces. I’m also collaborating with sound and light designer Ivan Mack in the construction of a custom designed wooden box which will become a portable, interactive diorama, combining physical and digital photographic images with objects, cut outs and projections. Serious fun.


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