Things I Found Out Walking Today

TIFW 2 sept 2015

Things I Found Out Walking Today: Wednesday 2nd September

Objects Found:
Fragment of orange balloon with string; leaf; pink petal; pine branch leavings; yellow painted stones (2); white feather; pink foam fragments (3)

Time: 10.30am
Walk: Cross Roads to Cullingworth via The Big Houses
Weather: Sunny, getting warmer
Mood: Preoccupied

Haven’t done this for a while, almost 6 months. Maybe it’s because things are uncertain, as they were then. Maybe it’s a way of distracting or grounding myself, by concentrating on the walk and the things I find.

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50 Days of Altered Postcards: Day 6

50 Days of Altered Postcards: #6

50 Days of Altered Postcards: #6

Collage on John Hinde original vintage postcard

Number 6 in a series of 50 original artworks on postcard available to buy here at £3, plus postage.

Each postcard is hand-editioned and signed in pencil on the back, and sent in a envelope along with a handwritten note of thanks.

50 Days of Altered Postcards #6

50 Days of Altered Postcards #6