Wur Bradford

A short film about Wur Bradford, an art and social space I’m currently running in a stall in Bradford’s Kirkgate Market. The project aims to explore how through imagination, creativity and community we might we able t make our city better.
The film was made by the wonderful Jenny Eells from My Bradford, and really gives a flavour of the people and activities involved in the space over the past 3 months.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the film, and to all who come and get involved, and make the project so vibrant. We are looking at ways which we can continue the project beyond September – watch this space!

More about Wur Bradford on the dedicated blog here

Grateful thanks also to the lovely people at Two28, Bradford Council and Bradford Markets for their generous and ongoing support of the project

Serious Fun: Transformations residency at University of Bradford Gallery ll

I’m half way through a two week residency at  the University of Bradford’s Gallery II, hosted by Art in Unusual Spaces to create work towards the  Transformations: North Parade After Dark event on Tuesday 8th September, part of the programme this year’s British Science Festival

My occupation of the space is the first of four artist residencies, which will become a game of consequences, where each resident leaves something in the space for the next to work from; creating a loose collaboration between us and showing the process of transformation from one idea and discipline to the next.

The artists following me are writer Javaad Alipoor; musicians Seth Bennett, George Murray and Aby Vulliamy; and dancer Chemaine Cooke.

I’ve been using my residency in the Gallery to play with making alterations to discarded, donated, found and purloined objects and imagery. So far these are taking the form of collage and assemblage pieces. I’m also collaborating with sound and light designer Ivan Mack in the construction of a custom designed wooden box which will become a portable, interactive diorama, combining physical and digital photographic images with objects, cut outs and projections. Serious fun.

Wur Bradford

everybody is creative

Wur Bradford is an art and social space in a market stall in Kirkgate Market to explore how we can make our city better through imagination and collective action.

wur bradford entrance

This project was inspired by two weeks I spent in Oastler Market last summer during which many unexpected acts of creativity and reciprocity happened: an impromptu gallery sprung up, which people visited daily to contribute artwork. People took images from, and added to the collage table. Endla, a 90 year old Slovakian lady, brought bags of food for the Bradford Metropolitan Foodbank donations box, which became full within days. Informal exchanges, collaborations and skill shares happened; Graeme, a self-described ‘outsider artist’ brought art books to share, Elaine stopped to show us how to make a triangle book, members of Grow Bradford ran a stall on food foraging; a JRF researcher came to share her social action research on loneliness, and people from Peace Studies at Bradford University came to share conversation and ideas. Many people came in to tell stories of themselves, their families and their communities, many of them very personal and poignant. These can be seen on the project blog .https://wuratoastlermarket.wordpress.com and in a specially produced zine (hand made magazine).

The aim of Wur Bradford is to continue and develop these kinds of things, and to explore how through imagination and connecting we might be able to make positive change. Wur Bradford is an open space for people to come and chat, get creative, share stories and ideas, and meet others. There is no remit or outcomes for what happens – it depends who comes in and gets involved. Everyone – individuals and groups – are welcome to visit, get involved and also suggest things that could happen.

where is your bradford?
The Wur Bradford stall is at the back of Kirkgate Market, opposite Home From Home cafe and is open every Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-4 pm. It can be open at other time, if you can’t visit on these days – just get in touch with me at Jeanmariemcewan@gmail.com to arrange.

There is a dedicated blog for Wur Blog at https://wurbradford.wordpress.com where you can follow on what has been happening in the stall.

We have a food collections box for Bradford Metropolitan Foodbank in the stall, in which we are collecting donations of any non-perishable food items (more information on what to donate here ). If you are able to bring a donation when you visit, that would be amazing.

Wur Bradford was made possible by Two28, Bradford Markets and Bradford Council. Grateful thanks their generous support.

How Do We Get Through This?

How Do We Get Through This? your contribution needed for collaborative zine

How Do We Get Through This? your contribution needed for collaborative zine

I’m putting together a zine (a hand-made magazine) of collected thoughts/ideas/plans about how we survive and resist through the next 5 years of Tory government.
Contributions to the zine can be in words/images, or a combination of both. It can be just a few words, a sentence, or as long as you want – whatever and however you might like to share. You can email your response to me at Jeanmariemcewan@gmail.com

The deadline for contributions is 29th May. I will make and distribute as many copies of the zine as possible for free, get them out as widely as possible, and get a copy to everyone who contributes.  The print zine will be photocopied in black and white, and an e – zine will also be published online to view and download.

Why Does

Why Does: A new two part instant book work, made for Bowled Over, an exhibition showing this weekend at Willowbank Bowling Club in Glasgow, as part of the Glasgow Open House Festival.
The exhibition, curated by artist Janie Nicoll,  is open Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th May 12-6pm.
Copies of the books are available to buy at the venue, Willowbank Bowling Club, 36 Dowanside Rd, Glasgow, G12 9DW.

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