I make things and I work with people

I use things I make, find and experience and make them into new things. I often think of these ‘new things’ as telling some kind of story. I use photography, text, video language and sound, depending on what feels right at the time. My sources are often a combination of autobiographical, fictional and found. I like playing with ideas of what’s real and what’s not real. Isn’t it all an illusion anyway? We make, remake and create our lives every day.

Before I became an artist I was a community worker and that’s informed how I work with others, which is starting from, and working with people from where they are at. I am interested in exploring the connections between imagination, community and social change, and asking the question ‘how can creativity connect and empower us?’

I’m sick of irony. I believe in being sincere.  I think trying to be a good person is as important as trying to be a good artist.

I think of all the things I do as collage – cutting things out, mixing things up, creating new conditions. It’s all about trying to find meaning and connection.

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Creative manifesto zine