Music, Creativity & Wellbeing

Music Creativity and Wellbeing

Jean is working with Music, Creativity and Wellbeing a research project led by Dr Una MacGlone investigating mental health impacts of community music participation for children and young people.
Jean has been working with Una MacGlone since 2016, devising instant graphic score packs comprised of collage elements ( e.g paper, tissue, images cut from magazines, plastic, painted card, sections of text). These scores have been used with a range of groups as an improvisational tool to create musical scores.

For Music Creativity and Wellbeing, Jean is working in collaboration with Una to further develop this work and to design and investigate instant graphic scores to be used by children and young people with additional support needs (ASN) in creative music workshops.
These materials were tested out in community setting in 2022 and will be piloted in school settings in 2023.

Find out more:

Read ‘Visual strategies for sound: the key to graphic scores’ an article by Una published in The Wire featuring Jean’s graphic scores.